S Y N O S P I S 

TRANSMISSION is an audiovisual performance, a live generated experience which combines mutating graphic forms and evolving 
sound matter. 
On stage, the two artists create, modulate and destroy audiovisual contents in order to build a physical and immersive journey for the audience.
 The general narrative focus on technology, its different forms, evolutions and places in modern society. Analogic oscilloscopes, VHS, geo-localization systems, biometrics analysis… Each technological process is a chapter. As the show progresses, aesthetic codes evolve, scales change. Every sequence has its own imagery based on the sound and graphic properties of a specific technology.
 The sound aesthetic oscillates between harsh noise and pure IDM. The visuals evoke the analo-futurist artworks from Ron Cobb or the modern OS interfaces. The narratives come from both dystopian Sci-Fi movies, anticipation novels and contemporary issues such as digital profiling, omnipresence of screens and over all surveillance.